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Lodging’s Home -
Carmel Forest Hotel

Toval - Schumann

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Carmel Forest - Isrotel Exclusive Hotel
Curator: Sharon Toval


The exhibition "Lodging’s Home" deals with the essence of belonging and domesticity. Sharon Toval and Carmel Forest’s choice of the domestic theme is significant and moving. The presentation of the space as a "home for a moment" distances itself from hotel language and makes a personal and warm effort. The exhibition creates a space that emphasizes the sense of belonging, inclusivity, and domesticity that give depth and excitement to the visit.

Robert Schumann's Piano Quartet in E-flat major, Op. 47

Classical music also tends to focus on home and belonging. In the early 17th century (the Baroque period), the tonal system began to take shape. The tonal system is the home of musical composition. The musical home varies from piece to piece, but every musical work that uses the tonal system (in fact, all classical works until the 20th century and some popular music today) begins and ends at "home". For example, a work written in D major will also return "home" and end in D major. During the piece, we go on a "journey". During the "journey", we explore other scales, close and far from "home". The feeling of "coming home" in music is so strong and important that it explains the preservation of the tonal system until today.

Schumann's Piano Quartet, composed in 1842, consists of four movements, each following classical structures. The uniqueness of Schumann's composition lies in the stretching of tonal boundaries. The harmonic "journey" that listeners undergo in each of the movements is complex, yet the feeling of "home" and tonic is always present. Schumann maintains a tonal  system within and between the movements. The opening and closing of the work are in E-flat major, and even those who do not understand scales can expect an emotional experience.

Photos: Carmel Forest Hotel, Petach-Tikva Museum of Art

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